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Face Glow Serum 12ml

Face Glow Serum 12ml

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Unreveal passion for shimmery and glazed feminine look with UNISAIF's face glow serum. Its essential oil enhances your elegance and glamour by penetrating under deeper layer of your skin and further controlling pigment production. It Contains skin conditioning actives that locks in moisture for hours, revealing soft glowing skin. Its repeated usage may allow glowness and shine by correcting complexion and making it evenly toned.


  • Brings instant glow and radiance.
  • Lightens darkspots and complexion.
  • Treats uneven skin tone.
  • Feels weightless and natural.
  • Suit all skin types.

Direction of use-

Take 2-3 drops of face glow serum over your palm. Mix it well, apply it to your face and neck in a dabbing manner.
Massage the content in a circular motion for better absorbtion. Leave it overnight for perfect results.

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Sulfate Free

Certified Organic

Mineral Oil Free


Lab Tested

Paraben Free

Harsh Chemical Free

Alcohol Free

Cruelty Free

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