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Misty Mint Facewash 100ml

Misty Mint Facewash 100ml

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UNISAIF's misty mint face wash contains green tea extracts which allows richness of anti oxidants in it to fight free radical cells of your body. Green tea and cucumber extracts protect your skin from UV damage, irritation and redness. Capable off fighting certain bacterial infections that may lead to acne breakouts. It's frequent use makes your skin look younger, manageable, firmer and healthier.


  1. Detoxification of impurities.
  2. Produces anti ageing effects.
  3. Reduces blemish and irritation.
  4. Tones complexion.

Direction of use-

Take out small amount of face wash in your palms, gently massage in circular motion for a minute and wash it off thoroughly with tap water.
Use it twice daily for better results.
The product may have varied results depending on different skin types.
Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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Sulfate Free

Certified Organic

Mineral Oil Free


Lab Tested

Paraben Free

Harsh Chemical Free

Alcohol Free

Cruelty Free

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