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Vitamin C Glow Toner 100ml

Vitamin C Glow Toner 100ml

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UNISAIF'S viamin C glow toner is filled with natures favourite ingredients that tones and brighten's up your complexion. Presence of vit C, honey and orange peel helps in controlling pigmentation, dark spot reduction and restoring ph of your skin. Its rose essential oil lends moisturizing effects to keep your skin feel fresh all day long. It is safe and healthy for daily use to cure dullness and uneven skin tone. Also helps in boosting collegen production of your face.Â


  • Adds glowness and shine to your face.
  • Brightens and corrects facial complexion.
  • Removes excess oil.
  • Keeps your skin soft and supple.
  • Cruelty free, vegan product.
  • Paraben, silicon and sulphate free.

Direction of use-

Shake the bottle of your vitamin C toner, spray directly on to your face. Leave it for a while to settle down and dry or wipe it off with a cotton pad.               Â

Can be used to remove makeup. Can also be used will all kind of packs and masks.

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Sulfate Free

Certified Organic

Mineral Oil Free


Lab Tested

Paraben Free

Harsh Chemical Free

Alcohol Free

Cruelty Free

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